Saving AA Box 472


Box 472 September 2007

Work Begins

The five interested Ballater residents ( Tony Bass, Alistair Cassie, John Holley, Martin Holroyd and Derek North) held informal meetings in order to fomulate their next moves. Many hours were spent researching information via the internet re history and colours required to bring Box 472 back to its former glory.

A 'to do' list and rota was drawn up as some of the group were still working and only available spasmodically. Some of the paint required had to be ordered specially and in the case of the yellow, mixed exactly to achieve the required tone.


Enquiries suggested that Box 472 is a Grade II 'listed' and 'protected' building, it is very clear from the attached pictures that although officially 'listed' and' 'protected' no actual 'protecting' was being carried out by anyone.

In truth, Box 472 had been totally abandoned by all and sundry.  Nothing had been done to improve its appearance for at least 20 years plus and if action was not taken it would quickly fall into total disrepair and would disappear for ever.

After further informal meetings the group decided to 'take the bull by the horns' and go ahead with its 'life saving' actions for Box 472.


The main problem was the front door that really had thrown in the towel, it was decided that it couldn't be saved and had to be replaced. Some rotting of wood, ant infestation and damage to the phone was found within the box and was attended to.

A generator was borrowed in order to provide power for two electric sanders and a strimmer to clear an area around the box to allow a safe working base. Three sides were completely rubbed down then fully primed.

Please note the unique cross-gable roof design first introduced in 1927, in its day an extremely innovative design